Science of Clean

A lot has changed in the way commercial cleaning is done today

Close-up photo of liquid disinfectant.

A Smarter Clean

Advances in chemistry and technology allow for more effective, faster and healthier cleaning than in the past. It’s no longer enough for things to just look clean. For a cleaner, healthier facility, newer commercial cleaning methods and technologies are required that go far beyond traditional janitorial services. The Coverall Cleaning for the Unseen® approach is made possible by our unique Core 4® Process.


Know Your Germs

Get to know these micro-organisms and the harm they can cause

How Germs Spread

Learn how germs hitch rides from place to palace to
wreak havoc

Germ Hot Spots

Discover 8 places germs love to hang out while waiting
for you

Measuring Clean

Know why effective cleaning is more than meets the eye

Close up shot of cleaner spraying disinfact on surface.
Smiling female cleaner using commercial cleaning products to properly disinfect a computer monitor in an office environment. Cropped image of test tubes in a lab.

Clean Meets Science

The Coverall Core 4® Process is a combination of advanced disinfecting chemistry, tools and cleaning protocols that remove the maximum amount of soil and help reduce the risk of illness and infection to create an exceptionally clean facility.

Discover the benefits of the coverall cleaning system

When you choose The Coverall System, you can count on a cleaner, healthier facility for your facility. The Core 4 Process can help keep your business running smoothly by keeping patrons and employees healthy. We will continue to keep up with the latest technologies and procedures to provide the cleanest environment for your facility.

Hospital Grade Disinfectants
Color Coded Microfiber Cloths
No-Dip Flat Mop
HEPA Backpack Vacuum

Eco friendly statement: The Coverall Program is designed to produce an effective & healthier clean that is also eco-friendly.

Real Facts About Germs

Facts you want (or don’t want) to know about germs!

Know your germs
How germs spread
Germ hot spots
Measuring Clean
Wide angle shot of office environment with desks and computers.

When Clean
Matters Most

You and your team spend a lot of time at your facilities and offices making your business successful. Coverall St. Louis is here to help you keep that success going by ensuring a healthier and cleaner workplace for your customers and employees.